Peter F. Lundebjerg
Fine Woodworking of All Styles


I just completed this buffet/ hutch which is available for sale.
Size: 42" Wide, 17" Deep, 36.5" Tall
In side is 39.5" Wide x 16.25" Deep, 22.75 Tall
The body of the unit is veneered Hard Maple banded with solid Hard Maple.
The Top has a Walnut pencil roll stop on the back and an
inlay strip that is Walnut, Maple and Ebonized Maple.
The finish is hand rubbed with an oil blend and then top coated with a gloss varnish. The door panels are coated with several coats of oil to allow the natural beauty of the Spalted Maple to show through.

The doors are a one of a kind made from a single piece of Spalted Maple that I split into two ¼" thick pannels which I then book matched together. I laminated the panels to a ¼" board for stability which. I cut in half building 1" thick frame of Hard Maple around each panel.

Spalted Maple: Spalting is a natural process that happens to a decaying log when fungus gets into the board and causes the board to discolor along the sap lines. The trick is to stop the decaying process before the board rots away, if you stop it too soon there will be very little character to the wood if you wait too long the board will not be usable, thank you Kyhl Woods. Due to the nature of the process the boards are not perfectly flat and panels have several "pock marks". I think they add more character so I did not try to hide them in any way.

Cost for this piece is $3,500



There is an adjustable Maple shelf inside.
The drawer fronts are one piece of Birds Eye Maple that is covered with several coats of hand rubbed oil.
The drawer pulls are walnut.
Sorry about the shadow in the center of the picture it's me.

Center Drawer